Account Settings

Account settings are where you maintain contact details for your account, setup two-factor authentication for your users and manage the time zone that your account uses.

Navigate from the dashboard to Account.


See an overview of your account activity and use the tabs to define the following:

Basic — Name and Description

Contact — The primary contact email and phone for the Account. We will use this email to contact you from time to time with any information regarding any planned changes to Eightwire.  

Billing — The billing email and address

Time Zone — The time zone that applies to your account. Any schedules you set in your account will use this time zone.



Enable two-factor authentication

Use this to enforce login using a code texted to a user's mobile phone number in conjunction with username and password.

Allow Access from Parent Account

By default the Parent Account is Eight-Wire and this check-box is not ticked.

Beta Programme

By default this checkbox is ticked.

The role of Account Administrator is required to edit Account Settings - limit assigning this role within your Account to a select user group.

Settings are complete!

Next steps are to create Users within your Account