Safe, secure and easy data-sharing across boundaries

We work with technology partners providing a vital component to your data-driven services, often minimising the thousands of steps required to access, validate and move data. We drastically reduce the time, costs and risk, providing you with an overall competitive advantage.


We automate the movement and management of sensitive data.

Our products remove the majority of the work for customers to share data across boundaries while maintaining end-to-end security.

Enterprises have always needed to share sensitive information across business and technology boundaries. Software products have met this need with aggregating data repositories into one platform or complex data engineering tools to move and transform data over the internet. These solutions don’t work for many enterprises, so sensitive data sharing is often delivered with ad hoc tools and processes that fail to meet security, auditing and governance legislation.

Technology-centric solutions such as FTP, APIs, and custom-coding, often fail to consider business requirements such as security, scalability, control, and governance. Eightwire provides a complete solution with everything you need to accomplish the job.

Discover how our system helps you securely share data.


Create a safe and secure environment

Ensure you meet user access, data sovereignty, governance, privacy, and other security requirements.

Move on-premise data to cloud-based systems

Our platform lets you easily populate cloud-based data warehouse platforms from on-premises systems, removing the need to build bespoke integrations.

Connect legacy systems and SaaS products

Deploy data sharing features for enterprise SaaS products that rely on sensitive data from legacy systems, without the need for APIs, manual extracts or other complex technologies.

Share data across silos

Share sensitive information across separate divisions, partners and customers without the need to upgrade systems.

taking the hassle out of data exchange

We operate in sectors that often have conflicted relationships. Eightwire remains unencumbered by technical and business relationships to function as a trusted intermediary between all parties.


We work closely with a range of sectors that have significant and complex data exchange needs.

They are often sectors that rely on data they can’t control.

Our data sharing products integrate with a majority of commonly used databases.




Our no-code interface connects complex, cross-enterprise data exchange processes with ease.

Eightwire products work with all major data storage systems and APIs. It takes as little as 20 minutes for an organisation to connect and begin exchanging data.



Eightwire products automatically map your data sources and destination, with governance and security built into every step.

Our no-code solution automates error correction for thousands of common data errors to reduce system crashes.  



Eightwire products move information between systems without the need to write code.

Enterprises gain a complete system-to-system solution that feeds data platforms from external sources and internal silos that would otherwise be difficult to access.