We help you unlock the power of your data

Eightwire products provide a safe, secure and easy method for connecting people and organisations.



All data is fully encrypted at rest and in transit, ensuring such stringent security that even Eightwire staff cannot access or view the data.


We are committed to data security and meet the highest security thresholds required for data sharing.


We have jumped through all the compliance hoops so you can start exchanging data from day one.

We understand the importance of automated and secure data sharing

At Eightwire, we are trusted by over 100 public and private organisations to handle high-stakes data, everyday.

That's why we have ensured that data exchange with Eightwire products goes above and beyond the highest security thresholds, to keep your sensitive data safe.

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Want to know more? Read some of our most frequently asked questions.

What is a data exchange?

A data exchange is a platform that enables organisations to securely share and transfer data with one another.

Who is Eightwire?

Eightwire is an innovative data sharing company built in New Zealand. Since 2015, Eightwire’s focus has been to make data sharing between enterprises as simple and secure as possible.

How secure is the data exchange?

Eightwire and its data exchange products are committed to data security and privacy. We exceed the highest national and global security thresholds for data-sharing to ensure even the most sensitive data can be managed securely.

Is a high standard of technical capability required to use it?

You don't need extensive technical expertise to use Eightwire data exchange products. With a simple user interface, our products have been designed to be used by business and data analysts, rather than software engineers.

Where is my data stored?

Many of Eightwire’s customers have specific data sovereignty requirements. Eightwire’s hybrid cloud allows customers to restrict the servers that physically handle data to certain countries or data centers. This can be implemented on individual data feeds if needed.

How long does it take to integrate?

Eightwire products work with all major data storage systems and APIs, so it can take from 20 minutes to 4 weeks for an organisation to connect and begin exchanging data.

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