Project Setup

A Project is a workspace for Datastores and Processes. It provides the business or use case separation within your Account. Assign Users to a Project in the capacity they need by assigning them Project Roles.

Create a Project

Navigate from the Dashboard to Projects and click +New

On the Security Tab, click +Add to select Users and assign a Project Role.

Click Next to go to the Basic Tab


Name the Project.

Provide an optional description (You can edit these fields at any time)

Click Create


Project Dashboard


Datastores create your datastores, display any external datastores.

Process Groups — define data transfer definitions.

Users — assign Account users to a Project.

Audit — report all activity in the Project.

Settings — set up Project level notifications - for example failed batch notifications.

Tags — define tags that can be applied to any object/column in your Project, giving them additional meaning.

A Datastore is unique to a Project — to use it in another Project within your Account, share it, or duplicate it.

Now that your Project is ready to work with, check out the next steps: Create a Datastore or Assign Project User